Meet Cheri

Cheri, the instructor, is sitting on the green grass by the ocean wearing long sleeve blue shirt and a scarf.

Observations, Questions, and Understanding

Upon graduating from University of Memphis with a degree in special education and teaching license in 1990, I began my quest to more fully understand the root of behavioral difficulties, coping behaviors versus chosen behaviors. While working with preschoolers, the patterns of difficulties intrigued me. I pondered the “why’ behind the need to modify curriculum.

Desiring to learn how to support students and families emotionally, I earned my master’s degree in social work in 2016, with an emphasis in family services. I took classes in non-profit exploring hopes that someday I could join or start a non-profit to provide therapy not covered by insurance, specifically vision therapy and auditory integration training. I spent an interesting year in a research practicum exploring a career in research. However, I missed working as an educational therapist with clients and families.

Upon graduation with my master’s degree, my husband’s career and numerous moves gave me a wonderful opportunity to continue working as an educational therapist. I switched my focus to developing the automatically-generated Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaires to save hours of my time, a savings for clients, and share my knowledge with others. After trying to teach another professionals, I found the need for the Moore Auditory Visual Observation Booklets and Preschool Visual Observation Activity Booklet. During that time, I almost lost my vision in one eye. Vision therapy gave me single and clear vision back after regaining partial vision. The silver lining was the need to delay taking my social work licensing test giving me time to learn how to blog, build questionnaires and a website. I earned my master of social work license, April 2023.

Now, it is time to take on the next challenge. Through resources, I hope to help countless children, teens, and adults while earning my clinical license. Through, I will do my best to share my knowledge with other professionals. Upon completion of the coursework, I will shift my focus to sharing the need for research and my goal to generate income to provide therapy not covered by insurance through a non-profit. I am looking forward to the journey that continues.