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Holistic Auditory Visual Integrative Training

Normal response or a concern

Meeting Needs in a Whole New Way 

Build a stronger relationship as you

See through activities and

Hear through their answers

How their world

Looks and Feels through their

Eyes and Ears.

~ Cheri Moore

    What You Hear Affects What You See and Feel

    Musical notes on a staff are at the top of the page. A girl toddler shakes a pink maraca with her left hand. She is staring at her mother who is sitting across from her on the floor holding a pink maraca.

    Auditory Observation Activities

    Getting to know their world of sound.

    Do you know ‘What’ and ‘How’ to ‘Observe’?

    What You See Affects What You Hear and Feel

    A young, blond haired with curls at their end is wearing a blue T-shirt looking through a paper towel tube using his right eye with a closed left eye. He is holding the tube with both hands. You can clearly see his blue eye looking at you through the opening in the tube.

    Visual Processing Observation Activities

    Observe instinctive behaviors versus performance.

    Create moments of awe as clients learn how their eyes work together at near and far, while standing still and moving.

    Integrative Therapy

    Auditory Visual Training Modules


    Emotional Health, a strong response to therapy and ability to maintain progress.